Burial Services

Beautiful Resting Places

Royal Oak Burial Park features many lovely interment sites on our picturesque grounds. To best serve all members of our community, we provide the following interment options.

Green Burial

Our Woodlands natural burial sites are dedicated to those who seek a green burial. The Woodlands look unlike other areas of the Burial Park, because the process of green burial is the first step in restoring the area to a natural, forested state. After a burial—without embalming and in a shroud or biodegradable casket—native plants and trees are planted on the grave surface and the body’s natural decomposition contributes to their growth. Traditional memorial markers are not used in the Woodlands, instead simple inscriptions are made on communal memorial boulders placed throughout the site.

The cumulative effect of all the burials occurring in the Woodlands is the creation of a restored forest with a conservation commitment that the site will be maintained in a natural state in perpetuity.

“This is a brief but heartfelt note of thanks for your help, your warmth and your compassion extended to me and my family as we bid farewell to my beloved…Your assistance, and that of your staff, was invaluable and we will all be forever grateful to you.”

R. H., L. and Family


Traditional In-Ground Burial

The natural beauty of our rolling hills and well-maintained grounds provide a tranquil setting for a traditional earth burial. The first burial in the Burial Park occurred in November 1923 and to the current day, traditional casket burial remains the preference of many greater Victoria families. Once only designed for flat marker memorials, newer interment areas, opened after 2001, are now designed to accommodate upright monuments or flat markers.

Mausoleum Entombment

Once the privilege of aristocracy and the wealthy, community mausoleums like the Royal Oak Mausoleum make crypt interment affordable for everyone. 

The Royal Oak Mausoleum—Vancouver Island’s only community mausoleum—offers a dry and secure above-ground burial option. The mausoleum features stunning marble and granite galleries with marble-fronted crypts that can be adorned with personal memorials.